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Stapleton Boskie

As an Author, Degreed Speech Communication Specialist, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist!

We are shaping our culture one person at a time with Books for all ages!


Help for the HOPE is at again...this time we are cheering our children to greatness through a delightful children's series entitled Help NOW and Hope for the FUTURE. The first to debut in the series was Bishop GG Goose Leads the Way! Next Bishop GG Goose shared with the world, his team member Mother Madeline Mink. Get ready for Superintendent Sam Squirrel and District Miss'y Dolly Deer!



Bishop GG Goose and Mother Madeline Mink have been working hard, they see a need for more help in the vineyard!
Supt. Sam Squirrel and District Miss'y Dolly the Deer
are coming soon you don't have to fear.


Get your first two books in the series so that you can be ready for the next...

Bishop GG Goose and Mother Madeline have been working hard. But they're not done yet, the churches have grown and they need more help! 

Superintendent Sam Squirrel and District Missionary Dolly the Deer are on their way to help and they are filled with cheer!



 Bishop GG Goose Leads the Way is one for the ages. It is timeless and every child needs a copy!



Trudy is multi-talented! I've known her as a teacher, psalmist and now Author Her writing is for the entire family! Her current book Bishop GG Goose Leads the Way, is a delightful and historical series about serving God's people.


This book is a keepsake and must be ordered in bulk for your Children's Ministry. It is spiritual and practical with things like rhyming words, colors and animals to stimulate cognitive development from the womb through early childhood.

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