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"An extraordinary voice for the HOPE that lies within us." 

I'm a Mom, Ministry leader and experienced Executive professional based in Charlotte, NC. My life's focus is providing practical application of biblical principles to people through my experiences. I use transparency to offer hope!  Providing HOPE and making a significant impact by using my voice and writing as an answer of the HOPE that lies within every believer. I’m happy to now present these thoughts through my current publication Help for the HOPE-A 31 Day Guide to Practical Christian Living founded in the scriptures.

Help for the HOPE-A 31 Day Guide to Practical Christian Living. As you read each entry you will be transported from uncertainty and a sea of hopelessness concerning day to day life to a HOPER, full of faith in the God who gave you life and governs your times and seasons. 

Once you've completed the questions in this daily guide to hope, you too will have the insight and tools to find hope in each test and trial and it is my prayer that you will pass along the hope that you have received to become what we call a HOPE-pusher.


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