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From the Children's books to the devotional Trudy Stapleton Boskie has a gift to lift your spirits and give you hope from the womb through the seasoned adult!

Help for the HOPE-A 31 Day Guide to Practical Christian Living is a must have for every household. At the first entry I felt drawn in and found myself thinking of my own grandmother and her important impact on my life. This book literally brought tears to my eyes!

NC Educator

Her skill as a writer is illuminated through her transparent account of her life and times. The Helpful Story is thoughtful and provides the hope we need to see God in our own experiences.

FaithWorks Entertainment

This devotional will have a lasting effect on the reader. The stories paint a vivid picture that leaves you hearing the voice of each character in every Helpful Story. The psychology researcher; Phillippa Lally at University College London says, "It takes twenty-one days to form a new habit." Help for the Hope provides Thirty-one days, allowing the time and resources necessary to develop a habit of hope through practical guidance.

Standard Magazine

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